BLU Products announce the BLU Vivo 4.8 HD Android handset

BLU VIVO 4.8 – (Image credit:

BLU Products, founded in 2009, and one of the fastest growing mobile phone manufacturers in the world, January 24 announced their latest smartphone device in their VIVO Series. The new BLU VIVO 4.8 HD is a midrange Android handset, sporting a 4.8″ Super AMOLED display, and a slim unibody design with a thickness at just 6.9mm. It weighs only 135 grams.

This makes the BLU VIVO 4.8 HD one of the thinnest and lightest devices in the market with a 4.8″ display,

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Nokia and In-Location Alliance to improve indoor positioning

Nokia Indoor Positioning
Nokia Research Center has developed Indoor Navigator to provide precise indoor location information on a handset, without needing GPS. (Image Credit: © Nokia)

Nokia this week announced the new In-Location Alliance that will be working on the innovation and promotion of a new standard-based short-range wireless technology, that will make it possible to locate objects or positions indoors with extremely high accuracy, using mobile devices. The In-Location Alliance includes more than 20 tech companies across different industries, with Nokia being one of the founding members.

Nokia, wanting to become the “Where platform”, already have quite a few positioning services in the works, and have talked about Indoor position for a while. To speed up the adaptation, and with hopes to create a unified standard, Nokia now seek a cooperation with other high profile name from the mobile industry such as Broadcom, CSR, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, and Sony Mobile Communications. Neither Apple or Google is however part of this new Alliance.

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Nokia and X-Prize to improve health sensors with a challenge

Nokia Sensing X Challenge
Nokia Sensing X Challenge (Concept image)

Thursday this week Nokia and the X PRIZE Foundation announced the launch of a new global $2.25 million competition to stimulate the development of a new generation of health sensors and sensing technologies they call the Nokia Sensing X Challenge. The intent is to drastically improve the quality, accuracy and ease of monitoring a person’s health.

The competitions goal is to create a new level of personalized, digital health sensors, never seen before. The aim is also to improve health sensors and sensing technologies so that they can both help empower individuals to effortlessly monitor and collect their own real-time health data, and at the same time give healthcare providers convenient access to critical information whenever and wherever they need it.

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Nokia Lumia 900 launch party in Time Square NYC on Friday

Lumia 900 Launch Party
Nokia Lumia 900 Launch Party

Since the big launch party for the Nokia Lumia 800 in London at the end of last year, Nokia has been traveling around the world throwing big events for most mayor markets. The launch for the Nokia Lumia 900 in the U.S. seems to be no exception.

AT&T have promised to bring the biggest launch campaign ever for Lumia 900, and both Microsoft and Nokia have hinted for a while that they have something big planned. Today on Twitter a post made by @WPRetailInsider mentioned that on Friday Nokia will take over Times Square for massive Windows Phone launch event. Not many details regarding the event is known at this time, but if previous launch party’s is anything to go by, it is going to be something big.

The event will take place on Friday (March 6th) at 7pm EST, feature live entertainment and a special guest

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Nokia brings DNLA support to their Lumia devices

Nokia PlayTo for Windows Phone
Play To gives DNLA to Lumia devices

When Nokia released their Lumia devices, a feature that now is almost getting standard on other devices, was missing. The ability to share pictures, video and music to other network connected multimedia devices via DNLA. In the beginning of summer last year, Nokia brought DNLA support to some of their Symbian devices like the Nokia N8 via an application called Play To. Recently the Nokia N9 running MeeGo also got DNLA support trough the PR1.2 update.

Now the Play To application is coming for the Lumia devices as well. Still in early Beta for now, but it shows a promising start. With Play To you can share your photos and videos from your Nokia Lumia phone to your DNLA-capable devices over your WLAN network. This could be a DNLA supporting big screen TV,or maybe your Windows 7 laptop and desktop. Currently there is no support for sharing music, but this is something that will be added according to the developers at Nokia Beta Labs.

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Nokia launches amazing 41MP sensor Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 Pureview
Nokia 808 PureView White

Today at the Mobile World congress, Nokia introduced the new revolutionary Nokia 808 PureView with a large, high-resolution 41 megapixel sensor. with high-performance Carl Zeiss optics and new pixel oversampling technology.  At standard resolutions (2/3, 5 and 8 megapixels) this means the ability to zoom without loss of clarity and capture seven pixels of information, condensing into one pixel for the sharpest images imaginable.  At high-resolution (38 megapixel maximum) it means the ability to capture an image, then zoom, reframe, crop and resize afterwards to expose previously unseen levels of details.

With superior low-light performance and the ability to save in compact file sizes for sharing in email, MMS, and on social networks, the Nokia 808 PureView makes it possible for anyone to capture professional looking images in any conditions.

In addition to superior still imaging technology, the Nokia 808 PureView, also includes full HD 1080p video recording and playback with 4X lossless zoom and the world’s first use of Nokia Rich Recording.  Rich Recording enables audio recording at CD-like levels of quality, previously only possible with external microphones. The Nokia 808 PureView also features exclusive Dolby Headphone technology, transforming stereo content into a personal surround sound experience over any headphones and Dolby Digital Plus for 5.1 channel surround sound playback.

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Nokia presents the Lumia 800 in white

White Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia Lumia 800, now coming in white

The Nokia Lumia 800 was first launched in selected countries in November last year. It was available in strong cyan and magenta colors, and also a more somber and classic black version. The Lumia is now being rolled out all across Europe and the rest of the world, with more countries being added all the time. Thanks to it’s stunning curved design, the device has been turning heads even since.

Now it’s time to add another color to this amazing device. A beautiful pure white that perfectly offsets the uniquely curved ClearBlack touch screen from the smoothly-crafted polycarbonate unibody. The minimalist color scheme emphasize the purity of the phone’s design, really making the colorful Windows live tiles and images on the display come to life. It also adds a fourth choice to the Nokia Lumia 800 package, giving the smartphone a unique presence on the mobile market.

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Nokia present Lumia 900 at CES

Nokia Lumia 900 Black
Nokia Lumia 900 in black

Today Nokia presented the rumored Nokia Lumia 900. It’s a LTE device with a 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display, and with 2 cameras. The back camera has an f/2.2 apeture lens, and the front camera an f/2.4 apeture lens. Maybe there is videocall support through Skype on the horizon?

It’s using a 1.4GHz processor just as in the Lumia 800, and the memory specifications seems to be the same as well. The body is made of the same slick polycarbonate material used on the Nokia N9 and the Lumia 800, and the Lumia 900 uses the same beautiful design features as well. The device is also sporting a 1830mAh battery to provide good battery life even with the increased screen size.

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Nokia Lights up London with Lumia, Deadmau5 and 4D

Nokia Lumia 800 Live event
Nokia Lumia 800 projection from the Live event in London

This week had an amazing start for the residents of London, courtesy of Nokia and Deadmau5. Seems Nokia and Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to make Windows Phone and the Lumia phones a success. It really shows that they both mean business and Nokia is ready to take back their crown as the number one smartphone manufacturer, a title they lost in the beginning of this year.

Using the Millbank Tower in Westminster near the river Themes in London as their canvas, Nokia with the help of Drive Productions, showed of an amazing effects show, accompanied by music from Deadmau5. The grand finale being the projection of a huge Nokia Lumia 800.

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Nokia have cancelled Nokia 600 few months after it’s announcement

Nokia 600 Cancelled
Nokia 600 Cancelled

Nokia’s loudest smartphone on the market appears to have been silenced. It seems Nokia have cancelled the Nokia 600, one of their latest Symbian Belle device announced in August. It was revealed at the same time as Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 and was presented as Nokia’s loudest smartphone in the market. Maybe it was a bit to loud, or it could be that there was some issues with the device.

Not long after Nokia 600 was announced at Nokia’s Connection event in Singapore, a new device was presented, the Nokia 603. Could it be that they felt that the Nokia 603 was a better device and more ready to present to the market? What ever the reason, Nokia has removed almost all traces of the device. Everything from Nokia’s press pages and images, developer website, and even Youtube promotional videos have been been removed. The only trace left is a page at Nokia conversations from the time of its announcement.

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