Nokia brings DNLA support to their Lumia devices

Nokia PlayTo for Windows Phone
Play To gives DNLA to Lumia devices

When Nokia released their Lumia devices, a feature that now is almost getting standard on other devices, was missing. The ability to share pictures, video and music to other network connected multimedia devices via DNLA. In the beginning of summer last year, Nokia brought DNLA support to some of their Symbian devices like the Nokia N8 via an application called Play To. Recently the Nokia N9 running MeeGo also got DNLA support trough the PR1.2 update.

Now the Play To application is coming for the Lumia devices as well. Still in early Beta for now, but it shows a promising start. With Play To you can share your photos and videos from your Nokia Lumia phone to your DNLA-capable devices over your WLAN network. This could be a DNLA supporting big screen TV,or maybe your Windows 7 laptop and desktop. Currently there is no support for sharing music, but this is something that will be added according to the developers at Nokia Beta Labs.

Competing devices from LG and HTC, that just like the Lumia series use Windows Phone as an operating system, have already provided DNLA solutions, so its nice to see Nokia stepping up. The Nokia Beta Labs team developing the application, encourage users to help make Play To for Windows Phone as good as possible, and would like hear feedback on what is, and what isn’t working on the current version.

They have posted the following statement on the Nokia Beta labs blog:

We want to get this great app out in the Marketplace for all Nokia customers to enjoy, but we want to make sure they have a great experience.  Your feedback will make that happen. We’d like to help in verifying interoperability with different devices and network configurations.  Note that there are some known limitations, though, so please check those before you post new feedback.

For future releases, we’re also working on supporting music sharing and planning functionality to allow your handset to act as a DLNA Media Server.  This means your Microsoft Xbox360 and similar devices would be able to discover and play memories from your phone. Stay tuned for this exciting functionality! – Play To Team

Many thanks in advance for your feedback,
The Play To Team

You can download the application and read more about it on the official Beta Labs page, and on the Nokia Beta Labs Blog