Nokia have cancelled Nokia 600 few months after it’s announcement

Nokia 600 Cancelled
Nokia 600 Cancelled

Nokia’s loudest smartphone on the market appears to have been silenced. It seems Nokia have cancelled the Nokia 600, one of their latest Symbian Belle device announced in August. It was revealed at the same time as Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 and was presented as Nokia’s loudest smartphone in the market. Maybe it was a bit to loud, or it could be that there was some issues with the device.

Not long after Nokia 600 was announced at Nokia’s Connection event in Singapore, a new device was presented, the Nokia 603. Could it be that they felt that the Nokia 603 was a better device and more ready to present to the market? What ever the reason, Nokia has removed almost all traces of the device. Everything from Nokia’s press pages and images, developer website, and even Youtube promotional videos have been been removed. The only trace left is a page at Nokia conversations from the time of its announcement.

The Nokia 600 was just weeks away from being launched at retailers, and there has been no real official press statement about the cancellation. The only word about this is a Twitter reply from Nokia’s official Twitter account @nokia.

Nokia 600 reply on Twitter








Hopefully there will be a better explanation behind the reason for this soon from Nokia.