Nokia have installed a headphone shaped arch at Olympic site

Nokia Headphone Arch
Nokia Headphone Arch Blueprint

Promoting their new Lumia handsets, Nokia today installed a headphone-shaped arch at Westfield Stratford, the shopping mall located at the gateway to the Olympic stadium. A similar installation was also in place at the unveil of the Lumia series at Nokia World 2011

The new Nokia Lumia phones will be on display at the London Olympics 2012 site, from today where up to 750,000 people a week will be able to get hands-on with the handsets. Rumors have previously mentioned that Nokia and Microsoft was preparing for a massive PR campaign to promote Nokia’s new phones running Windows Phone, and this is probably just the beginning. Personally I feel that this is not a day to soon, since I haven’t seen a Nokia commercial anywhere in years. This surely must have been big contributor to the dropped sales that Nokia have experienced in recent years.

The innovative retail experience, which opened yesterday, will be seen by visitors from all over the world and is set for a global launch. It is designed to allow shoppers to see, touch and play with the Lumia 800, ask questions about it, and then go to one of the nearby phone shops to buy it. The new owners will then be free to go back to staff at the arch for help to transfer contacts and other media from their old phone.

Close to the headphone arch, is a screen which carries information and advertising for products, making an eye-catching attraction for customers. The Lumia 800 would be an ideal phone to use at the Olympics because of its amazing camera and Maps software which will guide users around the site. Get ready, because Nokia is ready to fight back and they are doing it with some beautifully designed phones, and innovative PR stunts. Something tells me this is just the beginning, and Nokia’s isn’t playing around anymore. They are going all out, and this with the backing of Microsoft. A bright future for Windows Phone with Nokia is just a matter of time, or at least it seems neither company is willing to accept anything else then absolute success.

Nokia Headphone Arch at Nokia World 2011