Nokia presents the Lumia 800 in white

White Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia Lumia 800, now coming in white

The Nokia Lumia 800 was first launched in selected countries in November last year. It was available in strong cyan and magenta colors, and also a more somber and classic black version. The Lumia is now being rolled out all across Europe and the rest of the world, with more countries being added all the time. Thanks to it’s stunning curved design, the device has been turning heads even since.

Now it’s time to add another color to this amazing device. A beautiful pure white that perfectly offsets the uniquely curved ClearBlack touch screen from the smoothly-crafted polycarbonate unibody. The minimalist color scheme emphasize the purity of the phone’s design, really making the colorful Windows live tiles and images on the display come to life. It also adds a fourth choice to the Nokia Lumia 800 package, giving the smartphone a unique presence on the mobile market.

Lumia 800 Front and back
White Lumia 800, Front and back

The white Lumia 800 uses the same glossy white finish that has already appeared on the Nokia N9, and just as with the Black, Cyan and Magenta versions of the phone the unibody polycarbonate is dyed all the way through and milled like metal to give it a high-tech feel.

This new snow white version uses a high gloss finish that results in a near perfect pure white polycarbonate body “Pure white is very, very difficult to achieve,” says Tiina Aarras, Color and material designer for Nokia. “We had to try hundreds of white pigments to achieve the right colour and opaqueness.”  What makes the Nokia Lumia different from other devices that are available in this color, is that it’s white right through. This requires a process that involves working with the best dye houses in the world to source a perfect pigment, and then stir it into the polycarbonate liquid to make a mould.

The white Nokia Lumia 800 is due to be rolled out first in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Finland, Poland and Switzerland, with other countries to follow.

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