Nokia Lumia 900 launch party in Time Square NYC on Friday

Lumia 900 Launch Party
Nokia Lumia 900 Launch Party

Since the big launch party for the Nokia Lumia 800 in London at the end of last year, Nokia has been traveling around the world throwing big events for most mayor markets. The launch for the Nokia Lumia 900 in the U.S. seems to be no exception.

AT&T have promised to bring the biggest launch campaign ever for Lumia 900, and both Microsoft and Nokia have hinted for a while that they have something big planned. Today on Twitter a post made by @WPRetailInsider mentioned that on Friday Nokia will take over Times Square for massive Windows Phone launch event. Not many details regarding the event is known at this time, but if previous launch party’s is anything to go by, it is going to be something big.

The event will take place on Friday (March 6th) at 7pm EST, feature live entertainment and a special guest

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Nokia present Lumia 900 at CES

Nokia Lumia 900 Black
Nokia Lumia 900 in black

Today Nokia presented the rumored Nokia Lumia 900. It’s a LTE device with a 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display, and with 2 cameras. The back camera has an f/2.2 apeture lens, and the front camera an f/2.4 apeture lens. Maybe there is videocall support through Skype on the horizon?

It’s using a 1.4GHz processor just as in the Lumia 800, and the memory specifications seems to be the same as well. The body is made of the same slick polycarbonate material used on the Nokia N9 and the Lumia 800, and the Lumia 900 uses the same beautiful design features as well. The device is also sporting a 1830mAh battery to provide good battery life even with the increased screen size.

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