Seagate the first manufacturer to break the capacity ceiling with a new 4TB GoFlex desk drive

Seagate GoFlex 4TB Desk drive
The world's first 4TB hard drive, Seagate GoFlex Desk, available now for $249.99.

On September 7, 2011 Seagate announced it is shipping a new 4TB GoFlex® Desk external hard drive, the highest capacity hard drive in the industry. This latest addition to the GoFlex Family of external hard drives showcases Seagate’s new desktop design.

A streamlined industrial design delivers a smaller footprint and reflects the aesthetic of today’s modern offices, while still providing all of the benefits of previous generations of the GoFlex drives.


The new 4TB GoFlex Desk drive is now available from and will be available from select online retailers within the month for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $249.99 USD. The entire line of GoFlex Desk products will also adopt the new industrial design in the near future.

As more and more of our entertainment and personal data become digitized, the significance of greater access bigger storage space gets more and more important. The new GoFlex Desk 4TB drive has the space to contain over 2,000 HD movies, making it very attractive at this point in time when people are archiving more of their memories in the form of digital photo and video then ever before.

The GoFlex drives are Windows and Mac OSX compatible, and have the flexibility to go between both operating systems. In addition to cross-platform compatibility, the GoFlex Desk drive can also be utilized with the GoFlex Home adapter if one chooses to use it as a network drive. How the compatibility will be with different Linux distributions are still unclear.

Read the official press release here