Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE Quad-core hits record sales in Korea

Samsung Galaxy S III LTE launch in Korea
Samsung hit new daily record sales of 50,000 Galaxy S III LTE units the first day of its launch in Korea (Image © Samsungtomorrow)

This Monday Samsung launched the Galaxy S III LTE in their own home country of Korea, and it managed to reach record sales on it’s first day of availability. Unlike the LTE version of Galaxy S III with a dual-core processor, previously released in the US and Canada, the Korean version is packing Samsungs own Exynos Quad-core processor.

On it’s first day, 50,000 units of the S III LTE where sold in total via all three major Korean carriers. In comparison these sales figures truly pales the first day sales in Korea of the previous Galaxy models. The Galaxy S sold 10.000 units, and the Galaxy S II sold 24.000 units their first day.

Samsung hopes to sell more than 10 million Galaxy S III units around the world before the end of July, and if they keep up the momentum they currently are having, they will most likely reach that target. When the first version of the Galaxy S III was announced, about a month ago, the devices reached 9 million units in pre-orders, and the consumer interest shows no signs of slowing down for this beautiful, and powerful device.

The first Galaxy S that was launched in 2010, has to date been sold in more than 24 million units, and the Galaxy S II introduced in 2011, and still a very popular device, has been even more successful with over 28 million units shipped so far. With the impressive number of pre-order for the Galaxy S III, combined with the first day sales figures now out from Korea, the future is looking bright for Samsung and their latest Galaxy device, both at home, and in the world.

Source: (Korean)