Nokia Store gives Belle option for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 and Symbian Belle?
Symbian Belle Shows up in the Nokia Store for Nokia N8

A question that a lot of Nokia users owning a Symbian^3 devices have been asking for a while now is: “when will Symbian Belle be released for my phone?”. There have been several indications that the update is soon to be released, among otherthings recently leaked version of Symbian Belle have shown up not only for the Nokia N8 like in the past, but now also for C7 and E6. Nokia have also recently released devices with  Symbian Belle pre-installed, as an example the Nokia 700.

Now Nokia Store also gives a pretty strong sign that the wait might soon be over. If you visit the Nokia Store and on the top of the page select Set device, and choose Nokia N8 as your phone, you now get a second option asking if you are using Symbian Anna or earlier, or Symbian Belle. This addition is fairly new, and where probably added when the Nokia Store was updated recently.

Of course, the fact that the Nokia Store gives the option to choose Symbian Belle makes it no sure thing that the awaited update is just around the corner. It does however raise a few questions. Why add this option if Nokia Store is not gearing up for release of Belle in the near future? Surly this is something that could be added quite easy and activated at the same day the update is released. Why show this to the public already? Is it an error, or is it a teaser? Time will tell, but is sure got me thinking, and raised my hopes just a bit more.

The additional Symbian Belle option in the Nokia Store currently shows up for: Nokia N8, E7, E6, C7 and C7 Astound, Oro (C7), C6-01, X7 and even the Nokia T7-00


See screenshots below:

Nokia Store - Nokia N8 In the Nokia Store select Nokia N8 under ‘Set Device’


Nokia Store - Symbian Belle optionYou now get the options: Symbian Belle, Symbian Anna or Earlier