Nokia have announced Lumia 900 in Pink, exclusive for AT&T

Nokia Lumia 900 Pink
Nokia Lumia 900 in Pink, exclusive for AT&T

The Nokia Lumia 900 already stand apart from the crowd with its the popular and vibrant Cyan colour, beautiful white and also it’s classic black version. Yesterday Nokia announced that the Lumia 900 soon will be available in an eye-catching pink version exclusive to AT&T.

This is not just a Magenta version, a colour previously introduced for the Lumia 800 and the Nokia N9, but a brand new colour for the Lumia series. Combined with the already established polycarbonate construction and the beautiful ClearBlack Display, this new Pink version might just have the potential to reach the same popularity as the Cyan version of the Lumia 900 already has.

The current Windows Phone models might not get Windows Phone 8 when that is finally released sometimes later this year, but if you buy a Lumia 900 with the Windows Phone 7.5 today, it still has access to more than 100,000 apps in the Marketplace, including the Nokia exclusive application suite such as Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, ESPN, Camera Extras and many more. It will get an update to Windows Phone 7.8, and Nokia has indicated it will release updated functions and applications for current models for some time, up to WP8 is released, and beyond.

Starting Sunday, July 15th, you can go to your AT&T Store in the US and order the pink Lumia 900 to be delivered via direct fulfillment, or visit to pre-order your pink phone.