Dean Kamen files patent application for inflatable turbine that can move with the wind

Inflatable Wind turbine
Dean Kamen's Inflatable Wind turbine from patent application

Dean Kamen the inventor of the Segway scooter have dreamed up an inflatable mobile wind turbine that also can provide an eye-catching advertising platform.

The concept of an inflatable wind turbines may not be an entirely new idea, but the prolific inventor Dean Kamen has detailed one of a slightly different sort. Not only is it mobile and can generate electrical energy for general use, but it can also provide a platform for advertising, and provide public information announcements.

The inflatable turbine includes a set of embedded LEDs decorating the turbine, that could light up to display text or an image, and therefor display information of choice. The patent application even suggests that multiple turbines could be linked together and synchronized to form one large billboard

Previous inflatable wind turbines, such as the Magenn Air Rotor System, are designed to float at high altitudes to take advantage of faster wind speeds, but Kamen’s turbines will be more down-to-earth so they there for also can be used as advertising billboards.

The application is currently assigned to Dean Kamen’s DEKA company