Nokia wants to improve your mobile Internet connection

INdT Bulk PMIPv6 Binding Updates
Nokia Institute of Technology (INdT) in Brazil suggest Bulk PMIPv6 Binding Updates to improve the operators networks. (Image: INdT)

A research team at Nokia Institute of Technology (INdT) in Brazil have developed a technology that will allow for a more efficient connection when moving between different cell sites, and also at the same time improving the operators networks. On mobile Internet systems such as 3G and LTE, the users mobility is managed by the use of Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6), a protocol standardised by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

To communicate with the outside world, your mobile phone is connected to a particular cell site for both calls and a data connection. At the same time hundreds, thousands or maybe even tens of thousands of people are also attached to that same cell site, at the same time depending on area and population. What the INdT propose is a new way of sending data to the operators cell station, using what they call Bulk PMIPv6 Binding Updates that can greatly reduce the amount of traffic sent to and from the cell station.

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