Intel installs Vietnam’s largest solar facility

Intel's Solar Array in Vietnam
The solar array atop the Vietnam Assembly and Test Factory in Ho Chi Minh City. Image Credit: Intel Free Press

Intel recently installed the largest operating solar power plant in Vietnam at Intel‘s Saigon Hi-Tech Park facility in Ho Chi Minh City. Placed on the roof of the Vietnam Assembly and Test Factory is 1,092 high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, expected to generate about 321,000 kWh per year. The system came online in April and joins a previous installation in Israel as Intel‘s second solar array outside the U.S.

Solar sites converting sunlight to electricity are now located at 15 Intel sites within four states in the U.S., Israel and now also Vietnam. The power of the sun also heats nearly 100 percent of the water used in Intel‘s facilities in Bangalore, India. Intel estimates that the solar installations at it’s facilities generate up to 5.5 million kWh annually, a good thing both for Intel‘s wallet and the environment.

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Samsung Windows 8 tablet to use Intel processor?

A new report claims that the slim Windows 8-based tablet from Samsung will use an Intel processor, and not an ARM

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Currently on the market. The Android based Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Since early reports say that the upcoming Windows 8 powered Samsung device is a slim device, speculations have surfaced saying that the first Windows 8 tablet will use an ARM processor, and not an Intel. But a new report noted by CNET claims that the Samsung manufactured tablet might still be using Intel processors. The Windows 8 powered device is due to be shown at a Microsoft’s Build conference next week

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