New UV Light Bottles from Camelbak Cleans Water In 60 Seconds

CamelBak All Clear
CamelBak All Clear UV water purifier bottle

CamelBak have just introduced their new CamelBak All Clear Bottles that turns nearly any tap or natural water source into potable drinking water in just 60 seconds. Using UV light technology it enable you to cleanse and microbiologically purify water fast and easy. The bottle is equipped with a ultraviolet light source, fitted inside its screw-off top which purifies your water with UV light and kills off almost all of the unwanted germs and bacteria. You can also get an optional filter that when attached will help to clear out potential debris and dirt from the water. Very useful if your water source is for example a stream or a pond.

The UV light utilises proven UV technology to effectively neutralise microbiological contaminants to EPA standards. It is powered by an internal battery which can be recharged via the built-in USB port. A fully charged battery will hold enough power to purify a 80 full bottles of water, equivalent to 60 liters or about 16 gallons.

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