Asha – A new family of smarter mobile phones

The Asha Family
The Asha Family, Nokia 200, 201, 300 and 303

At Nokia World in London, Blanca Juti, Vice President of Product Marketing for Mobile Phones, in a passionate and inspiring key note speech showed that Nokia still cares about the developing markets. She introduced us to the new Asha family, containing  4 new phones, that she called her babies. In my opinion Blanca Juti held the most inspiring keynote speech at this event yet, and she proves Nokia care, not only about making money, but also about improving the life quality of their users.

Traveling around the world, and meeting actual customers and thinking about their needs Nokia have come up with high quality, stylish devices that provide the best access to social networks, the Internet and information. Placing these phones at a great price point it will offer the best overall experience and value proposition for the next billion mobile phone users. These consumers want access to innovations such as easy-to-use dual-SIM, local services and content, and third-party apps, all with a superior user experience for which Nokia mobile phones are known. And why shouldn’t all people in the world have access to these types of communication and technologies. Asha, derived from Hindi – meaning ‘hope’, signifies Nokia’s focus on positive user experiences and connecting millions of people to new opportunities that help them reach their aspirations.

The Asha Family consists of Nokia Asha 200, 201, 300 and 303.

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