Lumia – New Nokia smartphones running Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 800 and 710
Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710

At Nokia World in London today Nokia revealed not only one, but two brand new Windows Phone devices. The stunningly beautiful Nokia Lumia 800, that brings content to life in a fun and easy way, and also the affordable Nokia Lumia 710 that brings the Lumia experience to more people around the world, with the same easy and fluent software functionality as her bigger sister.

Nokia Lumia 800 shares the main design features of the gorgeous Nokia N9, but with some changes and additions. The bottom part of the 3.9″ screen is dedicated to the three standard buttons that is a familial feature of the Windows Phone operating system. This leaves a 3,7″ part of the screen left to be used by rest of the UI. On the right side of the phone there’s also an added hardware button, dedicated for the on-board 8 Megapixel camera. Unlike other devices running Windows Phone, on a Nokia phone you will of course get something extra. Among things, you get free Offline navigation, and also access to the brand new Nokia Music service.

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Nokia World 2011, just a few days to go.

Nokia World 2011
Nokia World 2011, October 26 - 27, London

The countdown for Nokia World 2011 have started, and the excitement is in the air. Possibly it’s finally time to see Nokia’s first Windows based phones. I for one can hardly wait.

Nokia have gone through major changes since February when a collaboration between Microsoft and Nokia was announced, naming Windows Phone, Nokia’s new main operating system for smartphone’s. Finally we might be able to see the first tasty Mango fruits of this new partnership. And it does look tasty.

Meanwhile, Symbian have continued to evolve into new upcoming version Symbian Belle, showing the world that this old work horse is far from dead. It’s actually looking like a rather pretty lady, and with some new skills as well. We have recently seen a range of new colorful, and powerful devices running Symbian Belle being released: Nokia 600, 603, 700 and 701

Also Nokia N9 might be Nokia’s first and last MeeGo device, but it is already taken the world by storm. All these new devices has been released before Nokia’s main event of the year, Nokia World. One could only imaging what Nokia has in store for us just 8 days from now.

Next year, might just be Nokia’s year.


Nokia introduces a new Symbian device, the Nokia 603

Nokia 603
New Nokia 603

Today at a media event in Turkey, Nokia introduced a new Symbian smartphone, the Nokia 603. A colorful device powered by a 1GHz processor, sporting NFC, a seamless smooth design and running Symbian Belle.

The interface in Symbian Belle has been greatly improved since previous version, Symbian Anna, and gives a modern feeling offering up to six home screens and extended customization. Widgets can now have different sizes and can be placed freely on one of the startscreens, unlike the more locked down feel of its predecessor. The browser should now also be four times faster then before, and offers enhanced compatibility with modern web standards like HTML5. Latest version of Maps allows free, turn-by-turn navigation in both standard and Drive views for in-car use.

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Nokia launches Nokia Car Mode with support for MirrorLink

Nokia Car Mode, using MirrorLink
Nokia Car Mode, using MirrorLink

Nokia continue adding support for new technology and standards in their mobile phones and now also adding support for MirrorLink with their latest Nokia Car Mode application. Nokia Car Mode makes it easier for drivers and passengers to access maps, satellite navigation (provided by Nokia Drive), traffic updates, music and voice calls when they are in vehicles, so there’s no need for a separate music player or satnav. All the smartphone features and services are designed and to optimise the usability in the car and avoid driver distraction.

The application is written in Qt and will first be available for the Nokia 600, Nokia 700, Nokia 701, but also earlier smartphones once they get upgraded to Symbian Belle. Nokia Car Mode will also be available for Nokia N9. MirrorLink™ (previously known as Terminal Mode) has been developed with the objective to provide a technology, which will offer seamless connectivity between a smartphone and the in-vehicle infotainment system.

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