Intel installs Vietnam’s largest solar facility

Intel's Solar Array in Vietnam
The solar array atop the Vietnam Assembly and Test Factory in Ho Chi Minh City. Image Credit: Intel Free Press

Intel recently installed the largest operating solar power plant in Vietnam at Intel‘s Saigon Hi-Tech Park facility in Ho Chi Minh City. Placed on the roof of the Vietnam Assembly and Test Factory is 1,092 high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, expected to generate about 321,000 kWh per year. The system came online in April and joins a previous installation in Israel as Intel‘s second solar array outside the U.S.

Solar sites converting sunlight to electricity are now located at 15 Intel sites within four states in the U.S., Israel and now also Vietnam. The power of the sun also heats nearly 100 percent of the water used in Intel‘s facilities in Bangalore, India. Intel estimates that the solar installations at it’s facilities generate up to 5.5 million kWh annually, a good thing both for Intel‘s wallet and the environment.

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Philips light up Boni Tunnel in Mandaluyong with solar power

Boni Tunnel LED Lighting
Manila Boni Tunnel with LED Lighting. Image: ©Philips

In Manila, Philippines the Boni Tunnel in Mandaluyong is now brighter and more energy efficient thanks to a new innovative solar powered LED lighting system from Philips. Not only is great for the environment, but the city government of Mandaluyong also expects to save up to P240,000, approximately $550,000, every year in electrical costs.

The lighting system is expexted to save up to 51% in electricity expenses every year, and consists of Philips tubular LED lighting systems that will be solar-powered by day, and powered by the power grid at night. The tunnel lighting system is connected via a grid-interactive photovoltaic system with solar panels placed on top of the tunnel. The solar panels are connected to power converters, and then hooked up to the Meralco power grid.

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Solar charger that lets you earn points as you use it

Solar Charging Kit
Solar Charging Kit from

More and more gadgets are coming that lets you power your devices with solar energy, and now you can even earn points while doing so. A charger from the new German startup called Changers, doesn’t just give you a great power source in the sun, but it also earns you credits that you can use to both compete in green credentials with your friends, and also buy items with.

The charger consists of a solar panel and a battery. It takes about four hours to reach a full charge, and this gives you enough juice to charge an iPhone, twice. It also comes with an array of adapters for devices from the most common manufacturers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Sony PSP or Nintendo. Anything that charges over USB will basically work.

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