NEC introduce Image Recognition Service for Mobile Terminals

NEC Image Recognition Service
NEC Image Recognition Service for mobile terminals. Image: © NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation announced on May 22, a new image recognition service for smartphones and mobile terminals that will become available in Japan at the beginning of June. The new service can provide detailed information on a wide range of subjects that appear in photos taken with mobile devices, including everything from food to automobiles.

According to NEC, the system provides high speed, highly accurate image recognition services. It utilizes NEC‘s internally developed image recognition technologies, and original NEC technologies that compress image data and reduce the amount of calculations required for an application. This makes it possible for the system to effectively operate on even the limited computing resources of mobile terminals.

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NEC develops an ultra thin organic and flexible battery

Organic Radical Battery
NEC's new Organic Radical Battery

NEC Corporation announced on March 5 the development of a new ultra-thin, 0.3mm thick, organic radical battery (ORB) that is compatible with standard IC cards of 0.76mm thickness. These new, 0.3mm batteries are less than half the thickness of existing units.

The size reduction is accomplished by using printing technologies to integrate circuit boards with batteries. As a result, IC cards embedded with these batteries can be used for a wide range of functions, including displays, transmission and advanced encryption processing. Conventional ORB‘s have a thickness of 0.7mm which makes them difficult to combine with IC cards of standard 0.76mm thickness.

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