Amazon announce plans for media development center in London

Glasshouse Yard, London - United Kingdom
Glasshouse Yard, London – United Kingdom

At the beginning of last year Amazon purchased LoveFilm, a European film subscription service, and then followed up by acquiring Pushbutton, a company that specialize in designing and building user interfaces. Amazon have now announced plans to combine the two UK-based media companies and their teams, and create a new international center for digital media development near Silicon Roundabout in central London, England.

Amazon might be a US firm with it’s headquarters in Seattle, but they still say London was the obvious choice for their new digital media development center. According to Amazon, Great Britain has led the way in pioneering on-demand services, which allow users to rent films and television over the Internet. It’s also worth noting that both LoveFilm and Pushbutton were founded in London.

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Amazon unveils the new Kindle Fire

Amazon's new Kindle devicesAmazon Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire

Today Amazon finally unveiled their new tablet, the Kindle Fire. Based on Android, this device is not Amazon‘s way of giving up on people who like to read to read, but a complement to the existing Kindle devices, intended to take advantage of Amazon‘s growing streaming media library.

The Kindle Fire is a beautiful color Kindle that can be used for movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, apps, games, web browsing and more. The Kindle Fire will be sold for only $199.

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