Spotify is officially launched for Windows Phone

Spotify on Windows Phone Mango
Spotify on Windows Phone Mango

Today at the Windows Phone press event in New York, Microsoft officially launched an application that a lot of users have been waiting for: Spotify for Windows Phone.

The application is looking very smooth, and like Windows Phone Mango in general, very snappy to use. It is also well integrated into the Metro UI making it look like a native application that just naturally belongs. The Spotify team has been working on this release since at least April, but after seeing the finished work it seems it was well worth the wait. In the application you can navigate by swiping back and forth in typical Windows Phone fashion between new releases, playlists, friend feeds, and more.

Spotify have been available on most major smartphone platforms like Symbian, Android and iOS for a while now. Recently an application was also made available for Nokia N9 running MeeGo. This has until today left Windows Phone out of the mix, but the extra time it has taken to develop Spotify for this platform seems to have been well spent. It has sure produced a great looking Metro style application, and maybe the best looking version yet. Spotify have also setup their live tile to display playlist information, taking advantage of the Metro ’tile style’ interface to the fullest.