MorpHex project spreads its legs and does a dance

MorpHex Robot
Kåre Halvorsen's MorpHex hexapod robot

In mid November, Kåre Halvorsen also known as “Zenta”, presented a new project, the MorphHex project. A spherical hexapod robot with a crab like movement, that now a few weeks later is ready to strut its stuff, and do a little dance. Starting with a 28cm in diameter globe from Toys r’ Us, the brainchild of Zenta has evolved into a quite an impressive robot.

The sphere parts might not align perfectly when the robot closes-up at the moment, but this is something being worked on. Overall it’s still quite an impressive creation for only a couple of weeks of building. The idea for this project was brewing for a while in the head of Kåre Halvorsen, and before he made any exact sketches or started building anything, he shared his ideas with his friend Jeroen Janssen, also known as “Xan”. They discussed the idea during the summer when “Zenta” was visting in the Netherlands, and in November it was time to start the project that we now can see the first amazing result from.

See demonstration video below: