Eole Water makes water out of wind in the desert

Eole Water
Eole Water Wind turbine (© Eole Water)

A new concept has since October been tested in the Abu Dhabi desert, that uses a wind turbine to condense water from the air. After the water has been collected, it’s then pumped in into storage tanks for filtration and purification to deliver fresh drinking water that is up to WHO standards.

With it’s innovative technology, Eole Water can create water in almost any place on earth by using the power of wind energy, and the natural humidity in the air around us. Earth atmosphere is filled with humidity at an estimated capacity of 13000km3 natural water. By using wind power Eole Water is able to liquefy the air steam, and humidity is sucked up and then condensate.

The prototype installed in Abu Dhabi has been capable of producing 500 to 800 liters of clean water a day from the dry desert air. Eole Water says that volume can increase to 1,000 liters a day with a tower-top system. The system requires wind speeds of 15 miles per hour or higher to produce water, but under these conditions this also means that water can be created with zero emission. Another benefit of this solution is that there is no need for need underground water tapping, and therefore no disruption of natural water resources.

Wind Turbine Operations

Located in the South of France, Eole Water was founded 2008 by Marc Parent and some of his friends, but the idea for this new technology came much earlier. In 1997, on the island of Saint Barthelemy in the Caribbean, Mark Parent got the idea to produce his own drinking water. Without any access to water network, but with access to power, he decided to collect the water discharged of his A/C system. Suffering from many power cuts on the island, Mark decided to combine the system of water production with a wind energy system. So the idea of creating water by condensation was born, and also idea for the Eole Water Project.

Realizing early the invaluable potential of his invention, Marc Parent took the decision to patent his idea. In 2000 and 2005, two patents are filed to protect the technology worldwide. The be able to help and provide access to clean water for people in need, Mark wanted to industrialize its concept in order to lower selling prices, and therefore 2008 founded Eole Water.